MoMA’s Best-Ever Social Media Event

Always ahead of the curve, probably the most innovative, fun, addictive social-media experiment by a museum in New York has been created and curated by the Museum of Modern Art. Why is MoMA out-doing everyone else? Because MoMA’s social network is on paper!!!

If you’ve strolled through MoMA’s lobby lately, you’ll see the biggest crowds (after the admissions line) gawking at a wall where MoMA projects digital scans of some of the 18,000 slips of paper filled out by visitors, all beginning “I went to MoMA and…”.

And what greater tribute to the success of this two-dimensional throwback in a hyper-connected world: MoMA featured some of the best in its full-page print ad in this past week’s Museum supplement in The New York Times (yes, that’s the newsprint edition).

Hilarious, touching, artistic, inspirational, and everyone looking, reading, and enjoying — isn’t that what we want our social media to be? Check out the pieces of paper on line.



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