Google Collects NYC Museums

Take a trip around the world in art via the galleries of the Google Art Project – an on-line collection of the best from 151 museums around the world.

In our museum-rich city, here’s how NYC stacks up with its images (so far):

  • Cooper-Hewitt 1,568 mostly decorative prints, patterns, watercolors, with a few objects
  • Rubin 111 masks, statuary, but mostly (what else?) our favorite tangkas (featuring Mahakela, our favorite demon)
  • MoMa 108 all-stars and then goes wild from all the other departments
  • The Met 80 paintings and images from just about every curatorial department
  • The Frick 16 of the big guns (who needs more when you have these?)

Pick out a museum, click on an artwork, and learn all the details of the piece. Easy.

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