Hirschhorn Goes Overboard at Gladstone

This may look like a Judy Pfaff installation, but it’s a close-up of the engaging, room-size environmental work by social commentator Thomas Hirschhorn on view until October 20 at Gladstone Gallery in Chelsea.

Concordia, Concordia is a riff on the tumultuous, larger-than-life grounding tumble of the Italian cruise ship, Costa Concordia in January 2012. Gladstone has other close-ups on its website, but its worth a walk over to 530 West 21st to get the full experience for yourself.

Hirschhorn was inspired by the furniture-akimbo nature of the interior photos of the luxury liner and the refusal of the ship’s captain to tend to the self-inflicted disaster.  There’s a lot to look at – including Hirschhorn’s cheeky inclusion of The Raft of the Medusa.  Look hard. You’ll find it. There’s no safe place.

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