Circus on 45th

Even if you think you’ve seen it all in Times Square, be sure to catch the sights in store all summer on West 45th Street inside the magical spiegeltent.

Behind the tattered fence on an empty lot in the Theater District, you’ll enter a glistening beer/music/variety hall complete with stained-glass windows, velvet booths, multiple mirrors, a carousel horse, and a central stage that’s the platform for a dozen vaudeville, burlesque, and acrobatic acts.

Empire is the latest offering from Spiegelworld (the folks who pitched their tent down at the South Street Seaport a few years ago). I don’t want to give anything away…just go, grab a beer, and enjoy the lights, costumes, illusions, and daring feats of skill, all spinning, whirling, and teetering just a few feet away. Amazing!

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