Struthiomimus Gets No Respect —

— From The New York Times. Although it was a fantastic article in yesterday’s Science Times about the real reasons for “the death pose”, no one saw fit to give our friend, S. altus credit for his amazing contortion.  Yes, the photo is of a cast, but still…c’mon people…AMNH 5339 is one of the most-seen, most admired dinosaur fossils on the Fourth Floor of the American Museum of Natural History.  Why not slap a name on him in the NYT “Twisted” caption

To add insult to injury, check out the hyperlink title:  “archeopteryx fossils appear twisted but not because of agony”. Maybe I’m being sensitive, but some long-limbed Saurischian residents of Manhattan (Ornithomimids) deserve their “15 minutes of fame” truth-in-reporting as others. Do 12,000 visitors each weekend pay as much attention to S. altus (genuine and nearly complete skeleton) as to our Archeopteryx casts? Absolutely, so give this guy some credit, please.NYC Upper West Side resident Struthiomimus

Check out the nice story and obscured (and wrong in the metadata) pictoral identity of Struthiomimus online:

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