Philadelphia Museums: 2014 Video & Social Media Rankings

Philadelphia Museum Report Cover 2014

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How much have Philadelphia museums increased their activity on video and social media since we published our last report? Are there any new innovations on YouTube? How do they stack up to New York or Los Angeles? In at least one area, Philadelphia is outflanking LA.

Philadelphia Museums: 2014 Video and Social Media Rankings is an expanded, 40-page report that gives you a snapshot of the video and social media performance of 39 metro-area museums, gardens, libraries, and zoos.

In March 2014, we pulled stats on the number of video views, photos, and tweets associated with all of these museums during a 24-hour period and ranked every museum that we surveyed.

Keep scrolling to see the more than 30 tables and statistics; the categories for our Top 25, Top 20, Top 15, and Top 10 video rankings; and which museums are included. You can buy the report for $48.00 at our shop:


1.1 Philadelphia Area Museums Surveyed

1.2 Social Media Channels Utilized by Philadelphia Museums

1.3 Social Media and Video Distribution Channels Used by 39 Philadelphia Museums

1.4 Social Media and Video Distribution Channels of Six Philadelphia Museums

2.1 Philadelphia Museum Top 10 Facebook Rankings

2.2 Philadelphia Museum Ranking by Facebook “Likes”

2.3 Philadelphia Museum Ranking by Facebook “Talking About” Metrics

2.4 Philadelphia Museum Ranking by Facebook “Were Here” Metrics

3.1 Philadelphia Museum Top 10 Twitter Rankings

3.2 Philadelphia Museum Ranking by Twitter Followers

3.3 Philadelphia Museum Ranking by Tweets

4.1 Philadelphia Museum Use of Flickr

4.2 Philadelphia Museum Top 5 Flickr Rankings

4.3 Philadelphia Museum Ranking by Total Photos in Museum Flickr Photostream

4.4 Philadelphia Museum Ranking by Photos Posted on Flickr during 2013

4.5 Philadelphia Museum Ranking by Viewership for Top 2013 Flickr Set

4.6 Philadelphia Museum Ranking by Members in the Public Flickr Pool

4.7 Philadelphia Museum Ranking by Photos Uploaded in the Public Flickr Pool

5.1 Philadelphia Museum Ranking by Pinterest Followers

5.2 Philadelphia Museum Ranking by Pinterest Pins

5.3 Philadelphia Museum Ranking by Instagram Followers

5.4 Philadelphia Museum Ranking by Instagram Posts

5.5 Philadelphia Museum Ranking by Google+ “In Circle” Metrics

6.1 Philadelphia Museum Top 10 Video Rankings

6.2 Philadelphia Museum Ranking by Cumulative Video Views (2007-2013)

6.3 Philadelphia Museum Ranking by Videos Posted (2007-2013)

6.4 Philadelphia Museum Ranking by Views of Top-Viewed Video (2007-2013)

6.5 Video Release Dates of Top-Viewed Philadelphia Museum Videos (2007-2013)

6.6 Philadelphia Museum Video Trends (2012-2013)

6.7 Top-viewed 2013 Video by Each Philadelphia Museum

6.8 Top 25 2013 Arts and Culture Museum Videos

6.9 Top 25 2013 Science and Nature Museum Videos


Top 20 Museum Exhibition Videos 2013

Top 10 Museum Interview Videos 2013

Top 10 Museum Lecture and Panel Videos 2013

Top 15 Science Videos 2013

Top 10 Local Animal Videos 2013

Top 15 Museum Advocacy, Community, and Promotional Videos 2013


Academy of Natural Sciences

Adventure Aquarium

African-American Museum in Philadelphia

American Philosophical Society (APS) Museum

American Swedish Historical Museum

Athenaeum of Philadelphia

Barnes Foundation

Brandywine River Museum

Center for Art in Wood

Chemical Heritage Foundation

City Hall (Art in City Hall)

Delaware Center for Contemporary Art

Eastern State Penitentiary

Fabric Workshop and Museum

Franklin Institute Science Museum

Independence National Park

Independence Seaport Museum

Institute of Contemporary Art

James A. Michener Art Museum

LaSalle University Art Museum

Library Company of Philadelphia

Longview Gardens

Mummers Museum

Mutter Museum

National Constitution Center

National Liberty Museum

National Museum of American Jewish History

Noyes Museum of Art (Stockton College)

Penn Museum

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Philadelphia History Museum

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Philadelphia Zoo

Please Touch Museum

Polish American Cultural Center Museum

Rodin Museum

Rosenbach Museum and Library

Wagner Free Institute of Science

Woodmere Art Museum

Did we miss your museum? Let us know and we’ll include it next time.

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